Prof Wolfram Weckwerth

Prof. Wolfram Weckwerth

University of Vienna


Working since 2000 in the research field of plant metabolomics Wolfram Weckwerth is a pioneer in applying integrative metabolomics, proteomics and computer based systems biology techniques in plant biology and ecophysiology. In 2008 Wolfram Weckwerth moved as a full professor to the University of Vienna and founded the Department of Molecular Systems Biology (MOSYS). Since 2013 Wolfram Weckwerth is Head of the Department of Ecogenomics and Systems Biology (ECOSYS). Since 2015 he is Chair of the Vienna Metabolomics Center (VIME). Wolfram Weckwerth is the protagonist of Green Systems Biology, an ecological concept of modern biology. The aim of Green Systems Biology is to extend studies on single model systems up to whole ecosystems and to define the organismal genotype-phenotype-relationship based on system-theoretical data-driven statistical-mathematical models. Wolfram Weckwerth has published more than 150 publications and several books (9000 citations, H-factor 52), and serves in many international boards as expert in systems biology.

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