Prof Jonathan Jones

Prof. Jonathan Jones

The Sainsbury Laboratory


Jonathan Jones is a leading researcher in plant/microbe interactions. He graduated in Botany from Cambridge (1976) and his PhD (1980) on cereal chromosomes was supervised by Dick Flavell at the PBI, Cambridge. After a postdoc with Fred Ausubel at Harvard 1981-2 on symbiotic nitrogen fixation, he worked at agbiotech company AGS, founded to use GM for crop improvement. In 1988, he became one of the first recruits at The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK. He was elected a Professor at UEA in 1997, to EMBO in 1998, as FRS in 2003, and Foreign Associate of US NAS in 2015. He has contributed to Royal Society working groups on food security. His interests include disease resistance genes and protein mechanisms, how pathogens suppress host defences to cause disease, and exploiting knowledge of resistance mechanisms to reduce crop losses to disease. He is a strong advocate of using GM or editing methods to move resistance genes between plant species to increase disease resistance in crops.

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