Prof Albrecht Melchinger

Prof. Albrecht Melchinger

University of Hohenheim


Prof. Dr. Melchinger holds the Chair for Applied Genetics and Plant Breeding at the University of Hohenheim. He served as Dean of the Agricultural Faculty for several years and is member of the scientific advisory board of several prestigious institutions. He supervised more than 45 Ph D and 120 M Sc students and published more than 320 peer-reviewed research articles in journals of repute. Melchinger received several awards for his contributions to maize research and breeding including Fellow of (i) the Crop Science Society of America, (ii) the Agronomy Society of America, and (iii) the Indian National Society of Agriculture. The major focus of his research is on selection theory in plant breeding and quantitative research, where he focuses on mapping of QTL by various methods, and genomic selection. His team developed new tools for increasing the efficiency of maize breeding, most notably improvements of the double haploid technology.

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