Dr David Marshall

Dr. David Marshall

The James Hutton Institute


David Marshall is a Plant Geneticist and Bioinformatician with over 40 years’ experience in the analysis of genetic diversity in wild and crop plant populations. Until recently he was Head of Informatics and Computational Sciences at the James Hutton Institute (JHI) in Dundee, Scotland and now works jointly between JHI and Scotland’s Rural Colleges in Edinburgh (SRUC). His more recent focus has been on the discovery and utilisation of SNP variation in plants through the utilisation of modern high throughput sequencing and genotyping technologies. His group has developed an international reputation for the development of visualisation tools (including Tablet, Flapjack, CurlyWhirly,  Helium and the Germinate 3 data warehouse) for quality control of high density data and the interrogation of large complex analyses. He works extensively with colleagues in around the world, including several CGIAR centres, on a wide range of crop species.

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